How Small Business Owners Can Operate Like Billionaires

AMOA Financial Can Help SMBs Operate Like Billionaires

In How Billionaires Manage Their Fortunes, Wendy Connett analyzed a report by USB Group Inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers that gave a look into how billionaires earned and kept their fortunes. Although the world’s billionaires have business in millions of diverse industries, it was no surprise to learn that many of them have operated in distinctly similar ways. These people have certain habits and personality traits that have played a part in their success.

                The information is surprisingly helpful, as it can encourage the creative entrepreneur and small business owners to look at their ideas from a prosperous frame of mind.

Questions to ask yourself:

1.       Do you have an “Appetite for smart risk taking”?

2.       Is your work ethic strong and are you exceptionally focused?

3.       Where is your level of determination?

Once these questions can be evaluated and answered, you can begin to deliver the quality of service that will help you succeed.