What's the deal with DBAs?

AMOA Financial Helps SMBS Figure Out What's the Deal with DBAs

Unless you operate a corporation or LLC, you cannot even hold a business bank account under your business name until you have registered what is often called a DBA, standing for "doing business as".    

A business operating under any name other than its owner's personal name, registered corporation or LLC is legally required to file an Assumed Name. with the city and then with the state. With sole proprietorships (or partnerships) a DBA informs the public of the owner's personal name or the name under which they are doing business.

There are multiple legal implications that make a DBA important in official records, for example: protection, fraud, theft, identification.  Most importantly, for you the Business Owner, the DBA brings recognition, opens doors and helps establish your official position as part of the local economy.

Although you'll have to complete implementation of your Assumed Name yourself, we at Amoa Financial can help you with this process. So drop us a line and let us know you're ready to get started.