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Time to Repair your Books?

Messy Accounts

One tell-tale sign it’s time to repair your bookkeeping, none of your accounts “make sense”. We’ve heard this from a number of clients. They run their Income Statement and see numbers that simply can’t be right and Cash balances appear “way off”. These indicators mean your books need an overhaul. We do this quickly and efficiently.

Tax Season Troubles

Every year at tax time you cringe thinking of what a mess your numbers are. Your CPA requests your businesses reports before they’re ready and you file an extension worrying for the next 6 months about what you owe. Once you finally turn over your numbers, your CPA does expensive review and makes several adjustments costing you extra Cash. If this sounds familiar diminish your stress by repairing your books and consider regular maintenance.

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You need Information about your Money

Inaccurate Financial Reports

Small Business Owners often lack accurate Financial Reports, keeping them from reviewing their business’s profitability regularly. Meanwhile they compete in a market with the “big guys” who review their finances daily and profit from informed decision making. If you’re unable to analyze your business because your books are inaccurate, it’s easily remedied, and a gift you deserve to give yourself after all your hard work.

Missing Business Opportunities

Dependable financial information allows Small Business Owners to remain prepared for investment opportunities and capital funding (business loans). Building business credit allows companies to borrow in the name of their business rather than the Owner’s name. The Bank’s first request? Financial Statements. You deserve to reflect your company’s Earning Potential on paper. After all, you worked for years to earn it.


Year End Special

$200 fee waived

Free Review of your Books with a Quote for Repairs & Maintenance

In support of Small Business Owners we’re waiving our $200 Review Fee during the end of 2019. At no cost we’ll review your books and prepare a Quote for Bookkeeping Repairs to include an Income Statement and Balance Sheet. We’ll also Quote the cost of Monthly and Quarterly Maintenance so you can avoid these issues next year.