Ryan Lambert's concepts flow freely.

So, do you like our Website? How about our rad logo and righteous color scheme?

We love them too.

Ryan Lambert Founder of BeR Media Design freely flows with fresh concepts and a big-picture understanding of the public's perceptions.  It was his "it" factor that drew us in and inspired a meeting.  Ryan quietly absorbed our vision and later (according to him) couldn't get it off his mind. So he drew something.  

There's nothing like seeing your company get a breath of life from something outside of yourself. It is invigorating to know your ideas translated through words and brainwaves to inspire creativity.  Instantly we knew Ryan saw a piece of Amoa Financial even we did not see. 

Through questions, concerns and contemplation Ryan walked with our Team until he created advanced versions of our ideas. It is with great pride that we call Ryan our web designer, logo designer, branding consultant and friend. 

To find out more about what he does, please visit his websites.

BeR Media Design http://bermediadesign.com/

NUE Clothing http://www.nueclothing.com/



Jerod Alexander Davies: Our Creative Director and Much More

A company founded for Creatives can have nothing less than the most forward thinking minds nurturing it's look and feel. When Dallas artist and local genius Jerod Alexander Davies agreed to act as our Creative Director I gave an enthusiastic exhale. We'll make it.

Jerod's ability to connect with the unspoken needs of his audience, while surprising them with a marriage of nature and technology, makes everyone comfortably energized by his creations.

A self-taught Artist born of a family of artists, (two brothers, both parents plus extended family) Jerod has earned his many talents and accolades, within countless mediums, over a span of more than 30 years.

From enjoying his work throughout the lively murals around Dallas to the newest Pabst Blue Ribbon tall-boy artwork (printed on over 6 million cans) Jerod Alexander Davies has only begun to make his mark. Amoa Financial is honored to call him one of our own.

Help me in welcoming Jerod to Amoa Financial by going to www.thejerod.com and enjoying some of his Award Winning body art, murals, exquisite drawings and paintings. You can also follow him on Instagram @dtoxart and you should. 

Welcome Jerod!